How To Focus On The Consumer Not Follow Competitions Insurance Loan Guide

How To Focus On The Consumer Not Follow Competitions Insurance Loan Guide

Introduction Of How To Focus On The Consumer Not Follow Competitions Insurance Loan Guide

How To Focus On The Consumer Not Follow Competitions Insurance Loan Guide. Ceo of ABC global steve we got a little gloomy precipitation Wednesday morning I don’t know if you got your run in this morning or not in the rain in the snow I did I was suffering I went down the mountain that was easy the way back up I was done I came in and collapsed for a bit but.

How to deal with competition

I did get it in so I was happy to hear that you got it in on days like this yeah I can’t miss it I’m I can’t so today we uh we want to talk about how to deal with competition and how to deal in certain competitive situations yeah um I feel like uh this is an area where I’m always walking a fine line my personality you know for I’ve been in sales for a long time.

Now have developed a good track record and have had a lot of success but really when push comes to shove I’m not a salesperson I don’t like to be sold um I don’t like to be aggressive with people I’m very laid back I like to you know to take things as they come and deal with it I feel like I’ve lost in a lot of competitive situations because instead of being real aggressive and pushing for a close or pushing against my competition.

I kind of say my piece and then pull back and think this person’s got to make up their mind on their own I’m not into I don’t like to pressure people um and I don’t like to be pressured so but I feel like I’ve lost in a lot of situations because I wasn’t more aggressive but to win in those situations I would have had to really kind of be cutthroat and act in a way.

When working with a consumer the focus

That’s not you not only not me but not somewhere I want to go you know like sometimes you identify maybe a personality trait where you say as I’d like to try to get past this and behave in a different way I don’t want to get past that uh you know I don’t want to be cut through if steve Parisi is a prospective client of mine I don’t want to grab him by the back of the neck and you know mentally say sign on the dotted line and get this done.

I just that’s not me I don’t want it to be me so you know you’re always training and working with your brokers and advisors at IBC and this has got to come up all the time yeah concerning competition um so like my big thing is I can relate to a lot of what you said as far as not wanting to be something you do not change your personality. You Can Also Read Ceo Of Software Company How They Use Their Cash Value Insurance Policies.

How I look at it is when working with a consumer the focus is them and starting there gives you a huge edge over a competitor that you’re up against, especially if the client or prospective client makes it known that they’re talking with you and a potent and a competitor because when that comes up like when you get news that your prospect is meeting with another competitor maybe.

What happens is the competition will lose focus

They forward your illustration to the proposal that they received they’re forwarding them to you and also the other person most likely and typically what happens is the competition will lose focus of the customer and start to focus on you and tell that potential customer everything bad about you the company you’re using it gets very negative and most in most cases people don’t even realize.

That they’re doing this does that make sense any questions on that definitely so I’m thinking of specific situations even my the way that I am and what I just explained to you I think that without even thinking about it in competitive situations my first instinct is to kind of lose track of whatever kind of conversation.

I was having with the client about their need for some kind of solution and I start thinking about how can I subtly spin against whatever the competition is yeah without making it look like I’m you know being too negative or being too aggressive a hundred per cent with you so this is what occurs in the industry and the industry also trains on this anytime.

That focus on the consumer

I used to ask um when we do executive benefit planning we were up against a certain insurance carrier and the help we would get from the home office from one company or another would just be well this other company stinks and here are a million reasons why like that doesn’t help me like I need to know the actual details so I can communicate it properly I don’t care about the competition in that respect.

So to get back on track having the awareness that most not all but the majority of competitors will not they’re going to lose focus and they’re going to start to focus on you if you can keep that focus on the consumer when they bring anything up maybe it’s a different company or product whatever it might be speaking to that.

Product and be as transparent as you would with your product and if you don’t know about that about another product let them know just be completely honest about how you would want someone to be honest with you um but when we train on this so I don’t ramble too much here is the first thing I’ll train our agents to do is do not ever ever ever bad mouth.

The competition doesn’t acknowledge them just doesn’t do it at all if someone has questions answer their question concerning the product the strategy if they want to see a comparison we’ll show them a direct comparison with the other company they’re using the companies we recommend but keep it very very focused on what the consumer wants to see the instant.

Games just focus on the consumer

You start to go down that road and say well you know I think they’re showing you this small company because it pays a higher commission and the higher base premium like that’s the way to slide that in there dude you do that stuff people will see through that especially clients putting in larger amounts um and think of it this way you would see through it like if I’m training an agent so don’t think that somebody else is gonna see through it like don’t play that kind of games just focus on the consumer what specific questions that they have a strategy product concept.

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